LH 289 Epoxy resin with an extremely low viscosity. When curing offers high-quality application properties such as optimum mechanical properties, good chemical resistance, excellent thermal properties etc. It is suitable for the production of composites as well as a top coat of artificial stone. At normal storage temperatures, crystallize does not occur. The advantage of mixtures of resin and hardener is its clarity. Special features: The resin is at a temperature of 0-10 ° C clear, no clouding such as some epoxy resins. The resin with the hardener prior to lamination creates a low-viscosity system, which allows good wetting, current displacement bubbles from the laminated surface. Workability / so. pot life / from about 15 min. to about 5 hours depending on the curing agent. Thermal resistance of the product without significant changes to their parameters: > + 50 to 100 ° C Processing: At temperatures between 10 ° C to 50 ° C, all conventional processing methods Systems laminating resins for curing at room temperature For curing at room temperature of 10-30 ° C can apply various combinations of laminating resin and curing agent. Heat resistance of 40-60 ° C can be achieved by curing at ambient temperature curing temperature + 30 ° C = maximum heat resistance. Heat resistance of these systems can be increased to about 90 ° C by gradual heat annealing at 50 -70 ° C Use: The glaze stone, stone walkways, composite products - parts for boats, sporting goods ... Recommended system for creating stone walkways LH 289 + hardener H 536 (mixing ratio of 100: 35 by weight, pot life 50-70min). The mixture was mixed with the dry aggregate so as to form a continuous coated on a stone surface, and then applied by spatula to a concrete surface. More information on request. System LH 289 laminating resin and hardener H 289 gives a smooth and glossy surface It can also be tinted by pigment.

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