H 288 Epoxy resin with an extremely low viscosity. When curing amines or polyamines offers high-quality application characteristics such as high mechanical properties, good chemical resistance, excellent thermal properties etc. It is a low viscosity resin based on bisphenol A. Viscosity: 500 to 900 mPas / 25 ° C. At normal storage temperatures, does not occur crystallized. The advantage of mixtures of resin and hardener is recommended its clarity. Special features: The resin is at a temperature of 0-10 ° C clear, no clouding such as some epoxy resins. The resin with the hardener prior to lamination creates a low-viscosity system, which allows good wetting and penetration of the fabric while pushing bubbles laminated system, thereby achieving improvements in mechanical properties. Workability / so. pot life / from about 15 min. to about 5 hours depending on the curing agent. The laminating resin and hardener, the pot life has different (depending on the hardener). Recommended hardener see table in the data sheet Hardener temperatures. resistance, in proc min, see TL ratio                                                            The resin is suitable for production using glass, carbon and Kevlar fibers and is characterized by high static and dynamic properties. It can also be tinted by pigment.

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