Low-viscosity laminating resin systems not containing fillers or solvents Intended for processing and curing at room temperature. Suitable for production of parts with glass, carbon and aramid fiber reinforcements featuring high static and dynamic loadability. The range of pot life is approx Between. 25 min. and 5 hours. Non-tacky, high gloss surfaces are Obtained Even with unfavourable curing conditions, droughts and lower Temperatures or high relative humidity. The mixing viscosities with laminating resin LH 160 are very low, Which is Advantageous for processing at Low Temperatures or special processing methods, E. G. injection etc. Thanks to Their excellent adhesive properties, theses systems Can Also Be Used as adhesives for wood, metal, glass, concrete and numerous plastics. Fillers (e.g metal powder, talcum powder, cotton flakes etc.) May be admixed Obtain a special system properties. Due the elongation 4-7%, Which is Advantageous for use as a laminating resin, the shear strength and peel resistance are somewhat lower Than Those of our special adhesive resins.

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