Polyester resin H 834 is a moderately reactive thixotropic, pre-accelerated with controlled exotherm and low shrinkage. It is designed for the production of boats and other composite parts, it is suitable for both manual lamination and spray application. It has a high HDT of 95 ° C. Excellent hydrolytic stability, ie resistance to water. It is characterized by good mechanical properties and excellent ability to permeate the fabric or mat. It contains at least 66% non-volatile substances. Values ​​significantly lower than required by existing or proposed legislation can be achieved. This reduction in styrene emissions is achieved without any loss of interlaminar adhesion. It is characterized by the following advantages: fast lamination curing, allows to increase the production speed without loss of surface properties due to shrinkage. It allows you to reduce the time normally required for additional post-tempering. Because it allows faster mold turnover, there is a saving in the number of molds. Ensures a good relation with osmosis and reduces blistering. It has good physical properties Approved by the Lloyd's Register. Typical properties and parameters: tensile strength 62 MPa; Modulus of elasticity 3,9 GPa; shrinkage 2%; flexural strength 97 MPa; flexural modulus 4,1 GPa; temperature resistance 95° C; viscosity 550 cps; thix index, 6/60 3, 5; styrene content 34%; geltime 100g- 30minute at 1.25% Butanox M-50. Total curing time 42minute; peak exotherm temperature 145° C. K1 (or Butanox) peroxide must be ordered for the resin in a ratio of 100: 1-3 (by weight ). This resin is suitable for the production of components for cars, caravans, buses, boats and others. Color: brownish. 

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