A solution of medium epoxy resin in a mixture of organic solvents with addition of additives, white RAL 9003. The epoxy gelcoat can be applied as a spray or paint. The secret of smooth surfaces. Creates smooth visual layer, depending on the mold surface. Area required for demoulding any further adjustments. Suitable for epoxy parts after the test well for most polyester and vinylester components. The surface created directly in the form. Financial and efficiency savings. The coloring is possible to use the pigment paste into epoxides. White gelcoat paint can be applied by brush, but shall not be diluted in the painting - it can damage the separator. For dilution use thinner for epoxy gelcoat spray gelcoat use for curing hardener H 100 at a ratio of 100: 26 (by weight) Recommended max. Gelcoat thickness from 0.05 to 0.2 millimeters. In case of exceeding the max. Gelcoat thickness of the coating is soft and difficult to cure. Two-component epoxy gelcoat top finishes for fabrication of metal, concrete, construction materials, wood, plastics, molding materials etc..s Resistance against certain chemicals, oils, fats, against the principles and some solvents. Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance, very good coverage of the coating. Simple and easy to use.

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