Reinforced white foam based on orthophthalic polyester resin. Viscosity resembles cement, thixotropic, does not drip even when the deposition thickness of 5 mm. The foam is suitable for forming sandwich structure within the form. By using this foam can also significantly reduce the cost of their products, because the price per liter is lower than the price of resin and production of this foam is up to 40 percent faster than conventional stacking mats or fabrics. Another advantage is a lower consumption of peroxide and also evaporation is less styrene. The system is designed so that it can be diluted according to the needs of styrene or technical acetone. The cured product can be machined much better compared to classic layered laminate. Products from this foam have lower shrinkage and are much stiffer than those made with PVC foam type Herex, honeycomb or balsa. With its mix of closed micro spaces has low water absorption and is lighter than water. Even laminate composed 1x200g / m2 glass fabric + 1.5 mm.HAVELcell P1 + 1x200g / m2 glass fabric floats. Therefore, this foam is also suitable for the production of vessels, even when fully flooded with water keeps the ship above the water. The foam is applied by brush, notched trowel or a special roller. For best results and time savings can be achieved only through special application devices with a pressure pump and mixing gun. Pressure exerted during impregnation be proportional deposited layer of foam so that the foam dislodge. in the case of applying a special gun can be left to harden the foam, the foam can be easily adjusted after the last layer fabric smooth trowel. The ideal is when the resin which permeates the liner mats or fabric foam hardens later than foam. Bulk density is 700-900 kg / m3. For curing please Butanox M50 or peroxide K1 ratio of 100: 0.5 - 1 weight (not supplied). For bigger parts is better to use peroxide Butanox M30 at 12 or peroxide can be ordered in the department of polyester resin peroxides.

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