System of laminating resin with hardener was developed to replace the well-known system LR 285 from MGS (Hexion). It is suitable for the production of composites using glass, carbon or Kevlar fibres. Specificity of this system are high static and dynamic properties. We expect, that after thermal post curing at 50 – 55°C, the system meets the standard for gliders and motor gliders (operational temperature from -60°C to +54°C). To accomplish demands of powered aircrafts, thermal curing at 80°C is necessary (operational temperature from -60°C to +72°C). For this application the certification of the system is needed. Recommended mixing ratio epoxy resin: hardener is 100:40 (weight). The pot life is approximately 50 minutes. After initial curing at room temperature, workable components are produced and it is possible to remove them from mould. The result is high-gloss and non-sticky surfaces (the result is obtained even adverse conditions such as high humidity or low temperature). More at TDS and MSDS.

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