AIREX® T90 is a closed-cell, thermoplastic and recyclable polymer foam
with excellent fire, smoke & toxicity (FST) properties.
It has very good mechanical properties and an extraordinary resistance
to fatigue, is chemically stable, UV-resistant and has negligible water
absorption. It is thermally stable during high temperature processing and
post curing. T90 is designed for easy use with all resin systems and
processing technologies.
AIREX® T90 is the ideal core material for structural sandwich applications requiring high fire resistance.

 Aerospace: Interiors, galleys, meal trolleys, radomes
 Road and Rail: Floors, sidewalls, front ends, interiors, roofs, engine covers
 Marine: Decks, interiors, superstructures
 Industrial: Covers, containers, x-ray tables, sporting goods
 Architecture and Construction: Roofs, claddings, domes, portable building

We sell in all sheets only, no cutting is possible.


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