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Havel Composites CZ Company Ltd. was founded 1989 by representative of the Czechoslovakia in speed canoeing, Miroslav Havel. Number of years we help our customers in the polymer composites industry throughout Europe. We treat customers in fields of aerospace, automotive, rail interiors, wind and shipbuilding industries, as well as in other industries of polymer composites. Since 2006 we are holders of the certificate of quality ISO 9001 and certificate concerning enviroment ISO 14001.

The original focus was the production and repair of special sporting goods, especially ships, paddles, oars, etc. Since 2000 our company Havel Composites CZ s.r.o. is focused on a wide range of clients in composite production. The actual production of composite production was discontinued. As part of its expansion our company is still able to provide repairs and various composite products from our suppliers. Furthermore, the company focused on building a wholesale business, which currently covers most of the available materials for the production of composite products from polyester and epoxy systems, to glass and carbon reinforcement, to sandwich materials and all kinds of tools, aids and other accessories. In addition to its own products Havel Composites also trades in well-known brands: R&G; Hexion; Interglass; 3A; Robuso, Fiberpreg, Siltex, AOC, Velox, Zhermack, and Diatex. To improve customer service, the company provides technology consulting and technical assistance and service in the supply of new materials and technologies. In order to serve the European market more easily, a branch office in Poland and partner sales in Ukraine and Slovenia are operated. Clients can now use a modern web application that contains a lot of information about available technologies, materials and tools. Most materials and tools can be ordered directly in the e-shop.